iBeam TE-BPLTC - Behind Lic Plate Cam Active-Park Lines and LED Night Vision

by iBeam
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Increase parking accuracy and avoid obstacles when reversing – even at night – with iBeams Active Parking Line Camera for behind the license plate. Features LED night vision.iBeams active parking line camera installs easily behind the vehicles rear license plate and is universal to fit. Sleek water resistant housing allows the camera to hover over the license plate for an optimal 170 degree viewing angle. While the vehicle is in reverse the display shows active parking lines that move while the vehicle is turning. Parking lines automatically straighten when vehicle is no longer turning. Four built-in LEDs provide more light than traditional IR cameras for better visibility at night. Ideal for larger vehicles – this camera helps drivers to gauge the trajectory of their car when reversing into tight spaces and helps to guide them into a tight space.
  • Active parking lines move when vehicle is turning while in reverse to help avoid objects
  • Parking lines automatically straighten when vehicle is no longer turning in reverse
  • 4 LEDs provide more light than IR when using at night (LEDs come on when camera has power)
  • 170 Degree viewing angle
  • Water-resistant housing
  • Mounts behind vehicle license plate
  • Camera hovers over vehicle license plate


Brand iBeam
Part status Active

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