DEI 50111 - Under Carpet Lite, Sound Absorption & Insulation 48 in x 70in

by DEI
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Under Carpet Lite solves the problem of engine, exhaust and road heat soaking into interiors.Under Carpet Lite is a superior sound decoupling material for those hard to cover areas like door liners, rear decks, headliners and more. Under Carpet Lite, (UC Lite) is a ½" thick multi-layer, high tech composite material designed to be extremely flexible and easy to install. UC Lite offers maximum thermal insulation in a lightweight padding that provides less heat transfer in the summer while protecting against the transfer of cold air in the winter.UC Lite is also equally effective as a sound deadener that prevents the transfer of noise, including rattles and squeaks to ensure a "like new" driving experience and add longstanding value to your investment. The multi-layer polyester/fiberglass composite material offers unmatched thermal and acoustic protection in an extremely flexible light weight package UC Lite is recommended for use either alone, or as an added sound decoupler with Boom Mat vibration dampening material.Under Carpet Lite can be installed under carpet, behind door panels, under headliners, on fire walls, or any interior location. To install, simply fasten mechanically to the area, or tack in place with Boom Mat's Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive (#010490). Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive works well on both vertical and overhead surfaces.What's in it for you...
  • Comfortable interior at any temperature
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Enhances stereo performance and sound
  • Economical insulating solution
  • Lightweight for high performance applications
Where to use:
  • Floor pans
  • Fire walls
  • Transmission tunnels
  • Behind back seats
  • Inner fender wells
  • Trunk floors
  • Rear quarter panels
  • Under headliners
  • Kick panels


Brand DEI
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