Rodac Platinum RD422001Q - Pneumatic / Hydraulic Jack 22 Ton

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The RODAC PLATINUM RD422001Q is a powerful and reliable 22-ton pneumatic/hydraulic jack with a cylinder stroke of 4 1/4 inches. It is designed for heavy-duty applications and offers exceptional performance.

It is equipped with an integrated bypass device to protect the hydraulic system against over-pumping. This feature provides additional safety for your equipment and allows you to work with confidence.

In addition to that, the jack is equipped with an integrated muffler for quieter operation. You can use the equipment without disturbing the surroundings and without generating excessive noise.

The high-speed turbo motor ensures better efficiency without additional effort. The cylinder and reservoir are welded for increased strength and durability. This allows the equipment to withstand the toughest conditions and last for a long time.

The ultra-robust "T" handle is adjustable to three positions (90°, 45°, 0°) for flexible use. It also has an integrated air filter to protect the motor and adapters of 3/4", 2 1/4" and 4" to reach the desired extension.

Finally, the jack is equipped with a steel wheel hub with metal bearings for better stability and an automatic return spring for easy use. Order the RODAC PLATINUM RD422001Q now to benefit from all its advantages!


Brand Rodac Platinum
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