Reese 74645 - "Towpower" 7-Way Blade to 6-Way Center Pin Brake Adapter

by Reese
Limited stock
SKU: R74645
Universal 7-Way Blade to 6-Way Center Pin Brake Adapter"Towpower" by Reese . Transform your vehicle into a reliable load-hauling machine with this superior trailer hitch. Made using only the highest-quality materials and the latest manufacturing technologies, it will help you safely haul your loads no matter whether you're simply going from point A to B or heading for a long trip. Built to last, it provides a great combination of durability and worry-free performance.
  • Ideal to make trailer towing safer and easier
  • Made from the highest-quality materials to last for years to come
  • Guaranteed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability
  • Designed to withstand the toughest abuse


Brand Reese
Part status Active

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