Firestone® • 4101 • Coil-Rite • Air Helper Spring Kit • Front • F250/350 2X4 84-16

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  • Control the air pressure in the air helper springs for varying loads and road conditions
  • Spring performance can be altered as easily as inflating a tire
  • Made of durable, elastic polyurethane
  • Support 500-1000 lbs. per set (not to exceed vehicle’s GVWR)
  • Designed to work in temperatures between -40 F (-40 C) and 180 F (82 C)
  • Average time of installation: 1 Hour
  • Manufactured in the United States
Firestone® Industrial Products Company, a respected worldwide manufacturer of the highest quality air springs, was founded in 1936. The first Pneumatic Suspension Device, better known as the Firestone Airide™ Air Spring, was designed and patented by the company in 1938. Since that year Firestone has become a leader in innovation and expansion. Firestone offers a large assortment of high-grade air springs for light vehicles, buses, heavy duty trucks, trailers, rail cars, and industrial applications.


Brand Firestone
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