Camco 39318 - 3-in-1 Flexible Sewer Hose Seal - Black

by Camco
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SKU: C39318
The Camco 3-in-1 Flexible Sewer Adapter is a black, flexible fitting that makes connection to a sewer inlet easier and less hands-on, even when the inlet threading is stripped or dirty. Instead of twisting the 4-in-1 adapter into the threading on the dump station, put the 3-in-1 adapter on the bottom of the 4-in-1 and simply press it into the dump station. The ridges on 3-in-1 will keep the sewer assembly firmly in place. The 3-in-1 can also be used without the 4-in-1 adapter, by placing the sewer hose directly in the 3-in-1. Adapter is compatible with 3" NPT, 3-1/2" NPT, and 4" NPT sewer inlets and features wings for easy removal, with holes in the wings to attach a rope if desired. Easily attach and detach your sewer hose assembly from the sewer inlet without excessive handling Black, flexible adapter is compatible with 3" NPT, 3-1/2" NPT, and 4" NPT sewer inlets Ridges allow the adapter to be firmly pressed in place without the need for twisting, even when sewer inlet threading is stripped or dirty Can be used with a sewer hose, or in addition to Camco 4-in-1 adapters Adapter features wings for easy removal


Brand Camco
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