Bulldog 20230 - 5pc Ratcheting Axle Strap Set

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SKU: BUL20230
4pcs of the 20229 Ratcheting Axle Strap plus a heavy-duty rigging bag 20058 to store them in!
  • 2" x 10' Ratcheting Axle Straps with 10,000 lb Assembly Breaking Strength and 3,335 lb Assembly Working Load Limit
  • Combination Axle Strap & Ratchet Strap into one assembly
  • No-Stretch high strength polyester webbing
  • Adjustable loop with protective sleeve to loop around axles
  • Built in securing ring for the loop
  • Wide Ergonomic Contour Ratchet Handle
  • Heavy duty Twist Hooks.
  • 100lb capacity heavy duty rigging bag for storing the straps


Brand Bulldog Winch
Part status Active

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